Invest in Trophies


Investing in Trophies

Mentored by Y Combinator (Founder Track)

Team with 35+ years of combined experience

Registered US Company

Raising a seed round

We are interested in early stage investors with experience and knowledge in at least one of the following:

  • marketplace platforms
  • sharing economy
  • video games
  • social applications

Please note that we appreciate all the interest coming our way. However we avoid angel syndicates as we would like to know who sees our investor deck, but we welcome individual angel investors. To add we only welcome experienced and relevant investors. We strongly believe that individuals, who will join our board, should be in position to give us the right guidance and opportunities in our respective industry.

If you believe Trophies would be a right fit for your investment portfolio and would like to have a look at our investment deck, please get in touch at invest [at]


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